Limousine with high-class, luxurious and classy Limousine cars

Dcar Limousine is always fully equipped with the most comfortable facilities such as Dcar Limousine, Solati Limousine and Fuso Limousine from 9, 11,18 seats with the best price.

Ford Dcar Limousine 9 seats line is improved from the 16-seat Ford Transit, with the number of seats reduced to only 9 completely newly designed seats with enough levels, allowing for extremely spacious use, ensuring comfortable comfort. , comfortable and quiet for guests. to have a classy and luxurious experience.
Dcar Limosine is equipped with: High-class interior, Sound system, 32-inch Sony Led TV, Ipad, Apple TV, Rolls - Royce style LED screen system, Screen system imported from the US, Equipped with many utilities (Wifi, usb port, socket,), refrigerator 22l, large luggage compartment

Solati DCar Limousine 11 seats is designed based on the concept of Business Class cabin on airplanes. Brings smoothness and comfort to the occupants during the trip. This model is considered to be the perfect choice for transport units and fixed-route bus operators who want to upgrade their service quality.
The car is equipped with many utilities for work such as 4G, Charger (USB port), clock, decorative water drop lights, medicine cabinet, rain umbrella cabinet

Dream Dcar.jpg

Fuso Limousine 18 seats gives passengers impressions from exterior to interior. The exterior of the car is given a new coat with a body cladding along the body and strong fishtail details. In particular, the interior of the DCAR FUSO ROSA car was redesigned from 29 seats to 18 seats to create a spacious and comfortable space for customers. With the addition of many outstanding utilities such as 3G wifi system, DVD screen, separate reading light for each passenger; refrigerator, etc., along with the decorative details using the highest quality materials and being installed most delicately, further increasing the luxury and comfort of the car.