Sapa King Express Bus was established by Queen Travel Service Co., Ltd in 2019

- Departure from Hanoi to Sapa at 07:00am and 22:00pm
- Picking up from hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter or Noi Bai Airport to Bus Point
- Departure from Sapa to Hanoi at 14:00pm and 16:00pm
- Drop off at Noi Bai Airport or Bus Point in Hanoi Old Quarter  
- Hanoi Bus Point: 204 Tran Quang Khai Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
- Sapa Bus Point: 458 Dien Bien Phu, Sa Pa Town

Sapa King Express Bus has a very memorable name, especially the word King in the name, symbolizing the supreme, leading and most powerful person. Maybe this is the principle that the car company always sets towards this goal. In general, at present, Sapa King Express Bus is chosen by a large number of passengersl. In this article, we will find out why Sapa King Express Bus is chosen by many people for their trip to Sapa from Hanoi and to Hanoi from Sapa.
The cabin of the bus is spacious and luxurious. Each compartment has curtains and partitions between the cabins. Thereby creating a comfortable, private and spacious space for passengers on board.
The bed is soft and thick, suitable for all passengers.
Equipped with separate night lights and air-conditioning fans for each cabin.
Equipped with a versatile USB port to charge a variety of phones, tablets, …
In particular, each cabin is equipped with an LCD screen for entertainment needs.
Fully serve clean blankets and pillows for each cabin. It can be seen that in the line of high-quality sleeper buses, they are fully served with amenities to meet the needs of the majority of customers. However, if you are a meticulous person and love privacy and comfort