Kad Sleeping Bus is a VIP Cabin Bus with a fleet of 100% new cars manufactured in 2022

- Departure from Hanoi to Sapa at 6:45am and 22:00pm
- Free pick you up from hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter or Noi Bai Airport to Bus Point
- Departure from Sapa to Hanoi at 14:00pm and 22:00pm
- Drop off at Noi Bai Airport or Bus Point in Hanoi Old Quarter  
- Hanoi Bus Point: 160 Tran Quang Khai Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
- Sapa Bus Point: Group 5, N1 street, Sapa New Market, Sa Pa Town

- Departing from Hanoi Center and Picking up at Noi Bai Airport then going to Sapa

The Kad Bus cabin bed car also catches the trend very well with single and double private cabin beds and goes straight to Sapa. This is a Limousine car with 22 VIP cabins and a self-contained toilet on the car. Each cabin is designed as a miniature hotel with panoramic glass windows, curtains and partitions separating the cabins, creating a feeling of ventilation, comfort and privacy for visitors.

The cabin bed compartment is very large, can be adjusted up and down or completely flat, minimizing back and neck fatigue when lying for a long time. In addition to the usual amenities such as cold towels, drinking water, mini-fridges, wifi, each cabin is also equipped with a reading light, storage box, USB charging port and entertainment system with a 17-inch LCD screen, earphones. listening and hundreds of HD content available for passengers to choose from. 


* Our price shown in USD for one way ticket
* Ticket price does not include meals on the bus
* Free of charge for children under 5-year-old sharing father or mother existing on 1 pax / berth
* The bus stop 2 times for the toilet, eating food and drinks.
* 1 pax / berth: only 1 person on one berth 
* 2 pax / berth: 2 persons share on one berth
* There are no difference between lower and upper berths. But policy of transportation with lower berth can stay one person or share 2 persons

* If you book upper and lower berths, please make 2 different forms

Surcharge Extra 30%
* April 30 & May 1, 2024
* National Day on August 31st to 3rd September, 2024